Your Optometrist In San Diego

Complete Family Vision Care opened for business in 1959 and Dr. Eric White joined the practice in 1985. Our office relocated to its present location in 2001, and this year Dr. Michael Morgan has just joined the team! We are conveniently located in 5075 Ruffin Rd Ste B, San Diego CA 92123. If you're looking for quality eye care with a personal touch, we hope you'll call our Optometrists, Dr. Eric M White and Dr. Michael Morgan at 858-278-4720 .

Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Drs. White and Morgan offer a wide variety of eye care services including comprehensive eye exams, screening and treatment for both glaucoma and macular degeneration, and pediatric and geriatric eye care. Dr. White also performs LASIK screening and LASIK co-management.

Extensive Selection of contact lenses and eyeglass frames

Complete Family Vision Care in San Diego offers a wide selection of contact lenses, including specialty lenses such as hard to fit contacts, bifocal contacts, soft and gas permeable contacts, CRT (ortho-K) contacts, keratoconus contacts and many more. We have a beautiful dispensary and carry a wide selection of quality and fashionable eyewear for you to choose from.

We would be delighted to have you as a patient and look forward to having the opportunity to serve you and your family.


BluTech Lenses

Dr. Morgan Explains this Important Technology

Do you use a smartphone, tablet or computer? If so, you are being exposed to harmful blue light that emanates from the screen of these technological devices. BluTech Lenses are the most technologically advanced lenses that protect you from the harmful effects of blue light. 

Read an Informative Q&A with Dr. Morgan about BluTech Lenses.