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New From Transitions® Optical: The Transitions® Vantage™ Lens

Great news for anyone in the market for dependable variable tint lenses: Transitions® Optical has launched a new addition to their comprehensive range- the Transitions® Vantage lens. Transitions® Optical has added a great new feature to their popular light adapting lens with the addition of groundbreaking variable polarization.

Sunlight that shines off smooth surfaces like glass and water can result in vision discomfort. The process that diminishes the resulting glare, which provides better visual clarity, is known as polarization.

The new and impressive lens is the first photochromic lens with polarization that increases as the lens gets darker in sunlight.

As your lenses darken, your vision gets crisper, sharper and more vivid, while glare lessens, regardless of the lighting.

This revolutionary lens is engineered for daily wear, and can be used for an extensive assortment of activities, from reading or writing and using a computer, to working outside and driving. The lens is virtually clear when you're inside and turns into an extremely effective dark lens outdoors.

If you're looking for eye wear that can be used full time, both indoors and outdoors, talk to your eye care professional about Transitions® Vantage lenses and how they can improve your quality of vision.

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Reduced Staff and Office Hours

Our office will remain open for patients who are experiencing any eye-related issues, including emergency visits, non-routine exams to replace lost or broken glasses and refilling of contact lens prescriptions. We will be working reduced hours, with a skeleton staff. Please call before coming into the office, as we will not be seeing any walk-ins. We are also offering telehealth for patients experiencing any eye-related infections for those who are unable to or are not comfortable coming into the office.

We appreciate your understanding in working to keep our staff and patients safe. Please take good care of yourself and stay healthy! We will get through this!

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