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Blue Light FAQ

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Q&A about Blue Light

Q: What is Blue Light & What are the negative effects of Blue Light?

Blue light are the rays emitted off the monitor both phones and computers that strain your eyes by causing strain on the visual system

Q: How can we counter the negative effects?

By having a blue light absorber tint on your glasses–either computer glasses or regular glasses we can absorber the harmful blue light rays

Q: What can an OD do to help me in this area?

We can prescribe glasses with the blue light tint on either computer glasses or all the time glasses–the glasses you will be using on the computer. This blue light tint will absorb the harmful blue light and relax your eyes. This will help to make your eyes less tired at the end of the day and help with your REM sleep at night.

Q: What is the relationship between Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light?

CVS, is the eye strain from being on the computer too much. In today’s world everyone is on the computer and when they take a break they get back on their phone–which is another computer. By prescribing computer glasses–which is a prescription designed to relax your eyes on the computer along with the blue light tint–this will take away the eyestrain called computer vision syndrome.

Q: What type of lenses / eyewear do you offer to combat the negative effects of Blue Light?

Computer glasses with the blue light lens and/or regular lenses in glasses designed with the blue light lens–which is a very light tint now.