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Icare Tonometer

Interview with Dr. Eric White about the ICare Tonometer

1) Please describe what the ICare Tonometer is used for and give a basic sense of how it works

A Tonometer is a device that checks eye pressure. It uses “Rebound Technology” Amy picture of tonometerto tap a light-weight probe to the front of your eye so you barely feel it. Unlike the scary “air puff” machine or the numbing eye drops and blue light you’ve used at your other eye doctor, this tonometer requires no eye drops. It is so easy for the patient and you barely feel it happening.

2) What components of the eye does the tonometer measure in order to measure the intraocular pressure, or the fluid pressure inside the eye?

The tonometer takes into account the pressure inside of the eye and give us a hint into how much fluid is produced and how much fluid exits your eye. It also gives us a clue about the thickness of your cornea and homeostatic environment inside your eye.

3) What types of eye diseases and disorders is this measurement significant for?

The main thing is glaucoma, an eye disease where elevated eye pressure damages the optic nerve causing blindness. Eye pressure testing can also be used to tell us about advanced disease processes like severe retinal detachments, or genetically inherited eye disease.

4) What is it about this particular instrument that you find most exciting; the component that made you feel you need to invest in this for your practice?

To check the pressure you don’t need to use the air puff machine or any eye drops. It makes is extremely comfortable for the patient. Also, this test is easily done on kids of all ages and can be taken on “house calls” to patients who cannot make it to the office. Also, this test can be done on pregnant or breastfeeding women because we don’t need to use anesthetic medicines like other eye pressure tests use.

5) Can you describe the patient experience when you use the iCare Tonometer?

Sit back, relax, look straight ahead and you will feel like I am touching your eye lashes. That’s it you’re done! No drops, no air puff, no getting out of the exam chair!

6) Do the patients that walk through your doors day in and day out, appreciate the upgrade in equipment and technology?

Out of all the testing we offer, this piece of equipment makes the eye exam the most enjoyable. People hate the air puff machine, so when they find out we use the iCare Tonometer its a game changer.

7) How does this new instrument improve comprehensive eye exams compared to the days when we did not have an ICare Tonometer in the office?

Exams are faster, more comfortable and more accurate. Also we are able to expand testing to a wider range of patients, from the young kids to the elderly and even immobile or handicapped patients. It really is a phenomenal breakthrough.

8) To what patients do you recommend using the ICare Tonometer, is it for patients with specific concerns or symptoms?

Nope – it is a staple and a necessity of every eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam is not complete without this test. If we find your eye pressure to be high, we will likely look deeper to make sure that you do not have glaucoma.

9) Can you share a particular story in which you were able to help a patient in a special way by using the ICare Tonometer?

Sure! – A 50 year old male came in to my office for his yearly eye exam. We used the eye care tonometer and found his eye pressure to be 30 mmHg and 36 mmHg when it should have been below 20mmHg. Right away we realized he had developed a unique form of glaucoma and we decided to put him on medication immediately. This ultimately saved his vision and prevented him from going blind.