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Google Glass

We are a Google Glass Preferred Provider!

We always strive to offer the most advanced eye care and eyewear, so we became one of the first Google Glass Preferred Providers through VSP. The first wearable computer offered by the hugely credible source, Google has everyone talking.

Google Glass Users

What is Google Glass?

Google brings us incredible innovation again. This time, in the form of glasses. This wearable technology is light, yet sturdy, and secured to your eyeglasses with a small screw and a band wrapped around the frames’ interior. Google Glass is a little piece of the future that allows the wearer to perform numerous functions on the go.

Currently in its “Explorer” or beta stage, Glass is controlled using voice and touch activation. The growing iOS and android-based apps for Google Glass allow you to get directions, tweet a message, and check the news – right from your glasses.

This early version comes with the ability to take the very most recent communications from your smartphone or Google accounts and show them to you in a head-up display. They can take phone calls. They can send text messages. They can take photos and video and even show you maps. Of course, they deliver search results. Remember, for many of even the current applications, you need to be online, either tethered to another device like your smart phone or within usable wifi area. Otherwise, you can take photos and videos until you get your “bars” back. When offline, Glass only takes photos and videos.

What is a Google Glass Preferred Provider?

Google Glass and VSP have teamed up to avail Glass Explorers prescription Google Glasses. Glass prescription frames are still primarily corrective eyewear, and we are trained to provide the ideal fit, lens materials, and coatings for our patients’ Google Glass benefit.

Google is the only distributor of Glass, itself. You become an Explorer, getting your Google Glass prescription frames directly from Google, and we install your prescription lenses for you so make an appointment today!