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I have known and been a patient of Dr. White since he began his practice. He is invariably courteous and extremely proficient in all his examinations and eyeglass recommendations. He endeavors to have the very latest equipment and his staff is well qualified to operate the various examination equipment, and the contact staff is always helpful, knowledgeable and polite. I am well aware Dr. white is a sought after consultant all over the United States. I can honestly recommend Complete Family Vision Care in the highest degree for all your vision needs.
2 days ago
- Charles C.
My husband and I always look forward to our time with Dr. White, because he is a compassionate and knowledgeable optometrist who genuinely cares about each patient. We witness that first hand with him and also can see how he interacts with other patients as he greets them or says farewell. And we have observed that all of his patients walk out with a smile. His office runs very professionally and each member of his staff is willing to go out of their way to make you comfortable. One time my best friend was in town from out of state and had a serious eye issue. Dr. White made sure to set aside the time to care for her and within a few hours, she had relief! That was such a blessing to us! I would not trust our eyes to anyone else!
3 weeks ago
- Beverly R.
I have been a patient of Dr. White for 10+ years. He is always smiling and has a positive approach. I have "very special" eye needs and only Dr. White has been able to correct my severe farsightedness and stigmatism. He knows my vision needs very well and always provides with through eye exams and education. In addition, Dr. White takes the time to answer and explains every question I might have. Dr. White's wife is also very personal , knowledgeable and has the best advice for frames. This is a happy office. All the staff and doctors are nice and polite. Thank you Dr. White for your excellent services.
2 months ago
- Martha C.
I am so thankful for Dr. White's expertise and experience with vision needs. He helped my daughter with her increasing myopia through prescribing special hard lenses to wear at night. She now sees 20/20 during the day without wearing glasses or contacts. This is wonderful especially during all the summer activities -- to be able to see at the beach or swimming with her own eyes. And he was able to stop the myopia progression as she grows up. Eventually she will wear glasses but hopefully a light prescription and not the extreme prescription she would have been. Dr. White was a God-send in this problem as I was so concerned her retina might tear because her eyes kept getting worse. I am so thankful for his help. We used to wait over an hour at Shiley Eye Center to try to get her help and they don't even offer this kind of treatment. He also has helped me with my own glasses/contacts and the service he offers is exceptional. He will take time to give advice and the people who work for him are helpful and efficient. I went to pick up my glasses recently and they were ready to go in a nice little bag with lens cleaner, soft cloth and a piece of dark chocolate. I haven't ever had that kind of service anywhere that I've gotten my glasses in over 25 years of wearing them. Thank you Dr. White for taking care of people and helping them with their vision needs. 🙂
2 months ago
- Nicole H.
I had badly cut my cornea and survived the pain through the weekend. I called 7 other ophthalmologist over the weekend and none called me back Monday but I got in to see the doctor on Monday at 10. Surveyed the damage and put a protective lense on for faster healing - I felt immediately better and felt sure I was meant to see dr.white. The office was clean, easy to access and I was in and out in 30 minutes. I would recommend anyone else going to dr. White I owe him one after this event and don’t know how I can pay him back. Phil
2 months ago
- philopia
Today was my first visit. Parking was easy. Waiting area was comfortable. I was impressed with the friendly and professional staff. I had never seen such high tech equipment before. Explanations of my optical health were fully and complete. I will return.
3 months ago
- gunnar s.
Quite simply, if you care about your vision and eye health, you could not do better than Dr. Eric White.
3 months ago
- M W.